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stop me if you've heard this one The neverending sentence still to this day...
still breathing my on-line journal, the spirit of my old breathing room ()
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(my stuff there can be found via my author page)
Coffeehouse News the trailer for the adaption of the novelization of the film of the book of the movie (coming soon MP3 and CD-R recordings of the 1998 read-in at House of Zoka)
The Daily Barbie why did Mattel try to censor The Distorted Barbie?
Steve Kimock: Going for It an interview with my favorite guitarist
No Bird but an Invisible Thing the hypertext version
Pilgrim Press Martha Conway's publishing collective
Internet for Busy People Bookmarks and other supplementary material for my bestselling how-to book, out now in a spanking new fourth "millennium" edition, should be here but instead the place is a shambles and the links may be inoperable. Lost the site, putting it back together now. Check back in two weeks to one month.
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